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A few words from Jim Morris about the art of the "Jimmy Neon Company":

At first I just made the kind of neon art most people are familiar with: neon cactuses, pink flamingos and other simple two-dimensional images. Soon, however, I was making what I call Kinetic Neon: neon that moves with the addition of special elements, glass beads or small tubes within larger tubes. There are also space age electronic transformers which allow the plasma to bar or flash with music or trace on and off (see Neon Cinema). This fresh approach to neon has led me to work with the film industry in Los Angeles creating special effects and (sometimes) props for TV and film. I also had the opportunity to join a local electricians union and work for Everbrite Neon, one of only two companies making neon beer signs at the time. I made all those Spuds McKenzie signs, for instance. In 1984, I wrapped an automobile in blue neon to optically expand it and make it worm-like; this was before the advent of computerized special effects and the stunt driver had to wear a scuba tank for fresh air as the transformers needed a backseat gasoline fueled generator.

Within the limits of this web site it will be difficult to show all the unique ways in which neon can be used. Soon, however, I will have displayed examples of

  • Neon Life Drawing
  • Neon Art as Signage
  • Two and Three Dimensional Representational Neon
  • Kinetic Neon
  • Free Form and Bubble Neon.
Jimmy Neon can be seen on KCTS television Channel 9 in Seattle starting October 2001. Jim Morris currently lives and works near Seattle, in Washington State. Jimmy Neon has joined with Northwest Neon Instruction to offer a number of classes including Neon as an Art Form and Neon as Signage. We welcome you to try your hand at neon for an hour or a month, please phone for details.
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