About Jimmy Neon

Jimmy Neon is James Morris, a 1974 graduate of The University of Iowa School of Art. A degree in art and Life Drawing and additional training from The Art Institute of Chicago and The Rhode Island School of Design , along with a family tradition of glass blowing, has led Morris to his unique blending of neon glass blowing and figure art.

Morris has received numerous awards and his art can be seen in galleries from Chicago to Los Angeles. His "Bubble Sculptures" and other kinetic neon sculptures can be seen and purchased from Hollywood Neon on Melrose Ave. in Hollywood, California. Remember Spuds McKenzie? Jimmy was involved in the production of these well known neon beer signs. Morris is a member of I.E.B.W. and when not making art he is a production tube bender (neon sign glassblower).

Morris shares a log cabin with his dog, Lucy, outside of Seattle, Washington. He also runs "Northwest Neon Instruction" , retraining workers for the State of Washington and teaching neon art.

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