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Jimmy Neon's business card
Step by step printing instructions:
  • Choose the link, depending on the size of the business card you would like to print.
  • If you select Print wallet size, from the browser menu select File, then Print. Print dialog box comes up, click OK. To change printer settings, click on Properties in Print dialog box and change settings.
  • If you select Print full page size, you must consider landscape layout of the image. You should change page layout before printing.
    Option1. You can either go to the browser menu, select File, then Page Setup. Page Setup dialog box comes up. Select Orientation option Landscape. Here you can also specify margins. Click OK and the dialog box will close. Now, you can print from the browser menu by selecting File, then Print.
    Option 2. You can also specify page layout from the Printer options. From the browser menu select File, then Print. Printer dialog box comes up. Click on Properties. Depending on your printer, you will have options to specify page orientation and page size.
  • Note: Jimmy Neon's business card can be printed with white background (save ink option). To print Full page size - Negative Image, click here and follow instructions for printing Full page size.
  • There are other ways you can print Jimmy Neon's business card. One of them is Right Click on the image, select Save Picture As option. Save the image to your computer and then print it from your Photo/Image editing application.
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