Neon Museum Services

Jimmy Neon will Design, Repair or Fabricate your neon. We specialize in Interior Design Neon and have been featured in Luxury Homes Magazine, Compass, Venture, Pacific and Visual Merchandising and Store Design magazines. We can design neon for your sofa's, kick spaces or behind glass bricks. Neon wall sculpture can be free-form or representational and everything can be controlled by dimmers.

The same proprietary kinetic neon chosen by Hollywood special effects studios and George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic can be yours with an original Jimmy Neon sculpture. Tubes can be filled with beads or glass chips for a 'crackling lightning' effect. Another Jimmy Neon original is the 'Gattling Gun': large diameter tubes are filled with a number of much smaller tubes which fire in sequence. Bubble Sculptures capture 'plasma fish', small balls of moving, luminous plasma. Room temperature and dimmer settings determines the amount of interior movement and color intensity.

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