Neon Classes


Day One - Two
Getting the feel of molten glass - Experimentation.
Instruction on Tubebending basics.

Day Three - Six
Introduction to the "U" bend - Under close supervision, student repeats "U" bend
up to 250 times.
Student begins making 'cactus's' as exercises.

Week Two
Introduction to the three other basic bends; Right Angle - Drop Bend and Large Bend.
Under close supervision, student repeats Right Angle Bend up to 150 times. Repeats Drop bend up to 150 times.  Repeats Large Bend up to 50 times.  Exercises interspersed with freeform experimentation.

Week Three
Beginning alphabet.  Using course study book, student begins with 'Block' style "A".  Repeats 10 times.  Student moves through the alphabet under close supervision.  Bending exercises interspersed with lectures on types of glass, phosphers and tolls; related tubebending principles.

Week Four
Student begins 'Script' alphabet, beginning with "A" and moving through alphabet.  Exercises using splicing torch.  Student splices glass 100 times.  
Introduction to 'powdered' (colored) glass.

Week Five
Student learns Bombarding principles; pumping tubes, proper heating - ladleing of gases.  Lecture on types of rare gas - use of tipping torch.  Student fabricates first sign.  Instructor assists in pumping.

Week Six
Student continues with alphabet exercises.  Custom signage.  Lectures on exotic glasses, transformers and various associated topics.  Field trip to neon material suppliers in Seattle.  Final project, student pumps.

This is a broad outline.  Much of the teaching involves explanation of techniques, tools, history, short cuts, tips etc.  Each student approaches this craft differently; some struggle after week three, some begin their final project at week three.


-Complete signage and art course of approx. 150 hours $4000 Materials (clear glass) included
-Neon art course of approx. 20 hours $525 Materials (clear glass) included
-"Get your feet wet" course, 3 hours $50 Students can purchase their own neon bending torches, tools and supply of glass for approx. $500


James Moriss - Owner / Instructor
Jimmy Neon / Neon Art
Northwest Neon Instruction

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